Student Life

Student Life Overview

St. Thomas More celebrates the diverse interests and backgrounds of our student population and offers a wide variety of clubs and organizations, fine arts programs, athletic teams, and other extra-curricular groups to encourage the involvement of all.
At St. Thomas More High School, our commitment to serving the whole student is rooted in the belief that personal growth emerges through our openness to experience life beyond everyday routines. With our dedication to educating the whole person, our students can expect a balanced approach to their high school careers.

St. Thomas More follows a block schedule where students have four extended class periods and an Enrichment Period daily. The longer class periods promote collaborative and hands-on learning and teaching, which contribute to a greater depth of knowledge and a more well-rounded experience. The schedule also allows students to manage fewer classes per day, creating more opportunities for after-school activities, such as sports, clubs, jobs, or home responsibilities. Students experience the benefits of improved socioemotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.
St. Thomas More is a Catholic, coeducational high school that inspires students to embrace the values of our Patron Saint by becoming men and women for all seasons. Rooted in Christ and the Catholic tradition, the school community embodies the principles of Christian discipleship, service to others, and academic excellence.

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