Annual Report

Thank you for supporting St. Thomas More High School!
Please review this donor listing to ensure you are recognized with your desired name(s) and that you are included in the correct giving category.

This listing includes one-time gifts, new pledge commitments, and recurring gifts made from July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024.

If you would like to update your name, believe you are listed in the wrong donor category, or prefer to remain anonymous, please contact Kevin Russell at by Sunday, July 7, so we can review and adjust our records.
Anthony and Melissa Belmontes Arenas (TM '03)
Margarita and Bob Bartels (DB '65)
The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
Erica P. John Fund
EveryDayGood Foundation
Faith in Our Future Trust
Nannette Gardetto (SMA '77)
Leonard Gigowski Catholic Education Foundation
Nancy (SMA '72) and Glen Guszkowski (DB '72)
Margaret and Gregg Huennekens (DB '65)
Estate of Rev. Msgr. Eugene J. Kapalczynski (PN '32)
Jamie and James Kitzinger (TM '75)
Estate of Jon Nowalis (DB '61)
Palmer's Tent Event Charities / Palmer's Steakhouse
Mary Alice Yakich Educational Foundation

$10,000 - $24,999
Adam (TM '97) and Rachel Ullenberg Arndt (TM '97)
Jasmine Barksdale and Antwain Barfield
Irene and Brian Binash (TM '73)
Excel Connection, Inc.
Lori and John Hoch (TM '87)
Karen and John Jaeger (TM '76)
Grace Janusz
Koessler Family Foundation Inc.
Arlene and Robert Logan (DB '54)
Love One Another Trust
Miluse and Paul Marshall (TM '94)
Kimberly and Dr. David Nierengarten (TM '93)
Judith and Bruce Price
Price Foundation
Jessie Ramirez (TM '07)
Theresa and Wayne Ramus
Carey and Dr. James Rehm
Susan and Dr. George Reul (DB '54)
Carol and Thomas Trisco (DB '72)
Robert and Dr. Mary Van Beck Voelker (SMA '62)
Mary and Thomas Wisniewski (TM '82)

$5,000 - $9,999
Bridget and Scott Bender
Catalyst Construction
The Catholic Community Foundation
Sallie and Don Davis
Ralph Evinrude Foundation
Ann Gerzel
Mary and Thomas Harrington (DB '63)
Mary Beth Hoffman and George Lehnertz
Joette Majerus
Majerus Family Foundation
Milwaukee Admirals Power Play Foundation
Miss Saint Francis Scholarship Competition Organization
National Technologies, Inc.
Kenneth Pakulski (DB '62)
Molly and Adam Scheuer (TM '97)
Michelle Shaprio Scheuer (TM '97)
Verna and David Seitz (TM '75)
Janet and John Sobiech (TM '74)
We Energies Foundation
Wisconsin Basketball Yearbook Shootout
Leo Zoeller (DB '57)

$1,000 - $4,999
Karl Akert (STM '10)
Archdiocese of Milwaukee - Office of Schools
Annette and Mark Arndt
Arrow Millwork & Cabinetry
Artisan Partners
Rosemarie and Frederick Bartkowski
Dr. Paul Bauer
Faye Becker
Bliffert Lumber & Hardware
Melissa and Alan Bronikowski (TM '73)
Rev. John L. Brophy
Jackie and Edward Brozynski (TM '87)
Butters-Fetting Co., Inc.
Mary and Charles Calteux (PN '70)
Cardinal Fabricating Corp.
Eric (TM '03) and Lynn-Marie Conner (TM '03)
Catherine and Mario Costantini (DB '72)
Laura and Steven Cvikel
Maggie and Calvin Czajka (STM '08)
Joseph (TM '05) and Jessica Czajka-Glisch (TM '03)
James Derdzinski (TM '79)
Joseph and Gretchen Docter
Doral Corporation
Mary Ann and Thomas Dyer
Stephen Einhorn
Mary Kay and Joel Eul (TM '79)
Jennifer and Thomas Felden (TM '85)
Tammy and James Fleming (TM '93)
Sari and Todd Forton
Robert Fricke
Kevin Frommell
GAF Building Materials
Cindy and Gerard Gates (TM '74)
Generac Foundation
GMAR Youth Foundation
Karen and Thomas Guszkowski (DB '60)
Susan and Duane Haas (TM '97)
Holly and Lawrence Haskin (PN '69)
Haskin & Karls Attorneys at Law
Joseph and Dr. Margaret Hennessy
Mary and Thomas Huppertz
Catherine and Paul Jaeger (TM '77)
Shannon and Andrew Johnson
Katy and Bill Jones
Thomas Jones and Jennifer Streeter
Melody  and Andrew Kawczynski
Tracey and Brian Killoran
Josh Kilvinger
Madeline and Jay Kleczka (TM '87)
Jeffrey (TM '91) and Andrea Wilcox Kleczka (TM '92)
Kohl's Cares for Kids
Ann and Jeffrey Korpal (PN '72)
Korpal & Associates LLC
Katherine and Mathias Kraker (DB '52)
Jenny and Jon Krawczyk (TM '97)
Amy and Michael Kremski (TM '88)
La Lune Collection
Langer Roofing and Sheet Metal
Jennifer and Jeffrey LaValle (TM '97)
Lee Mechanical
Legacy Platform
Bridget and Lawrence Lenz
Donna and Michael Lisowski
Steven Lynch (TM '07)
Julie and Jaime Maliszewski (TM '82)
Virginia and Joseph Mallof
Anthony Mane, Jr. (TM '06)
Heidi and Roger Masarik
Wendy and Michael Matel (TM '87)
Frederick McGaver (TM '74)
Mary and John McGrath
Lindy and Steve Meer
Carol and James Michalski (TM '73)
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Kelly and Anthony Mlachnik (TM '02)
Maureen and Michael Morello (TM '82)
Michael and Margaret Van Beck Munson (SMA '65)
Jill Murphy
Cheryl and Michael Musha (DB '66)
Vicki and Michael Neuberger
Next Electric
Lora Pecor
Pelz Family Foundation
Sadie and James Podewils (TM '73)
Prasser-Kleczka Funeral & Cremation Services
Marlene and Otto Radke (DB '54)
Drs. Judith and Timothy Radke (TM '73)
Stephen (TM '99) and Corey Krysiak Radulovich (TM '02)
Raytheon Technologies
Beverly and David Reszel
Rockwell Automation Trust
Mark Rutkowski (TM '81)
Dr. Rebecca Scerpella
Luanne Schipper
Daniel Schreiter (TM '88)
Paula and James Schubilske
Kurt Schwenke and Mary Bahr Schwenke
Wendy and John Serketich (TM '86)
Star and Ronald Sienkiewicz (TM '75)
Linda and Paul Skalecki (TM '81)
Matthew Smyczek (TM '75)
Susan Sobczak
Michael and Margaret Sranske
W. Thomas and Coryann St. Marie-Carls
Rachel and Donald Stachowiak (TM '77)
Jonathan (STM '12) and Jennifer Jaeger Stahr (STM '12)
Nancy and Michael Steffes (TM '73)
Linda and Paul Teske (PN '72)
Christian and Sarah Thornton
Luis Tulcanaza
Turn-Key Solutions
Julie and Joseph Vanderhoef (TM '91)
Deborah and Dr. James Wahlen (TM '75)
WaterStone Bank Fund
Betty and Joseph Weiss
Cheryl and Thomas Welch
Kathleen and W. Scott Weyda (DB '62)
Leslie and John Widera (DB '58)
Barbara and Richard Wiederhold
Joseph and Jeanne Winiarski
Wisconsin Department of Justice
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Diane and David Zepecki (PN '72)
Kelly and Dave Zierden

$500 - $999
Wendy and Dave Adamczewski
Jennifer and Christopher Adams
Advance Screw Products, Inc.
Christopher Anderson (STM '21)
Associated General Contractors of Greater Milwaukee
Ronald Barczak (DB '68)
Desiree Baron
Sharon and Paul Baxter
Gordon Beck (TM '84)
Bill Becker
Julie and William Beres (TM '75)
Berghamer Construction Foundation
Rebecca and Mike Berry
Katy and Greg Borowski
The Bowery Bar & Grill | The Red Zone MKE
BSN Sports - Milwaukee
Scott Bucher
John Bukowski (STM '12)
Tiffany and Kenn Burger
Terry Buss, Jr.
Caterpillar Foundation
Complete Accounting and Tax Service
Conrad Schmitt Studios
Andrew and Sandra Kukowski Copp (TM '97)
Cousins Subs
Frank Crivello (PN '70)
Patricia Cunningham
JT and Catherine Rasman Current (TM '97)
Custom Products
Samantha and Carl Czajka (TM '05)
Mary and John Demetropoulos
Aurora and Kenneth Derdzinski
Sue Dolkiewicz
Dr. Plumber, LLC
Scott and Emily Duelge
Kurt Dyszelski (TM '86)
Rob Eigenberger
Linda and Patrick Foy (DB '72)
Parith and Matthew Francel
Miguelangel Frias (STM '10)
Jill and Gregory Gardetto (TM '81)
Natalie Peksa Gomez (TM '97)
Julia and Joseph Goodmann (TM '95)
Robert Goodmann (TM '91)
Ann and Eugene Guszkowski (DB '66)
Nora and Jon Hauser (TM '76)
Ann and Steven Hessil (TM '79)
Aiden Hohner (STM '22)
Stephen Hootkin
Victoria and Patrick Idstein
Jacobson Legal Group, SC
John and Ashley Kendzierski Jaeger (STM '10)
Jaeger Family Charitable Fund
Robert Jahncke (TM '73)
Patricia and Dr. Ronald Jodat (DB '56)
Kenneth Jund (DB '61)
Katz Law LLC
K-Consult LLC
Phillip Kielpinski (DB '53)
Dr. Barbara O'Neil and Rev. Dr. David Killian (DB '58)
Karen and Joseph Kitzinger (TM '73)
Josie and Tom Knitter
Rae Ann and Jeffrey Konkol (TM '82)
Scott Kosidowski
Ellen and Kenneth Kowalski
Barbara and Wayne Kowalski
Angie Kluth Kriz (TM '98)
Terri and Matthew Kuspa
John Lack (DB '64)
Patrick Landry
Sandra and Deacon Stanley Lowe (TM '77)
Chuck Luettgen and Kristen LaCapitaine
Hannah Masarik (STM '18)
Max A. Sass & Sons Funeral Home
Max Weiss Company
Ronna and Steven McDonald
Catherine and Gerald McGrath (DB '68)
Martha and Patrick McGuinnis
Jessica and Robert McLaughlin
Michele Michalak
Beth and Tony Mierzejewski
Susan and Gerard Miller (TM '77)
Nelnet Business Solutions, Inc.
Tanya and Paul Neuberger (TM '01)
Mary Beth and Thomas Nolan (TM '76)
Northwestern Mutual Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Francis Oswald (TM '75)
Rosemarie and Robert Patterson
Robert Pleva
Monica and Anthony Radoszewski (TM '76)
Janet and Mark Rakowski (TM '82)
Brenda and Gary Ramus
Kevin Ramus and Debra Jelich
Sandra and James Reitz (TM '75)
Joni and Robert Roenitz
Dr. Susan Rose
Barbara and Thomas Sager (DB '60)
Catherine and Robert Salzer (DB '68)
James Sass (DB '60)
David Schissel (TM '75)
Joanne and Mark Schlaikowski
Steve and Ann Weiss Schmidt (TM '94)
Beth and Alan Schnug
Paul Senft
Ken and Jessica Sierszen
St. Francis Dental Center
Heidi and Michael Stanley
State Painting Co.
Steamfitters Local Union No. 601
Rhonda and Andrew Steiner
Jack Stewart
Suburban Asphalt Co.
Lynda and Joseph Switalski, Sr.
Valerie Todorovich (STM '12)
Sharon and Joel Tomski
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Greg and Kristin Wagner
Judith and Thomas Wargin
Cynthia and Thomas Wargolet (TM '81)
Paula and Michael Weckman
Mary and Mark Wejrowski
Deanna and Marco Wenzel
Rachel and Ronald Wielebski (TM '93)
Wisconsin State Golf Association Foundation
The Woods - A Great Life Community
Jessi and Jonathan Wrench (TM '95)
Zierden Company
$1 - $499
AAA Tent Masters
Abbott Laboratories Fund
Suzanne Bloechl Abler (TM '03)
Mary and Michael Acker (TM '75)
Advantage Heavy Equipment Repair
Jason (TM '01) and Kristi Hauser Adyniec (TM '00)
Kristyne Affeldt (SMA '62)
Rita Ahl
Barbara and Paul Ahlf
Nathan Albertson
Catherine and Gary Albrecht
Connie and Daniel Aleksandrowicz (TM '74)
All Occasions Catering
Tim Allen (TM '74)
Erika and Oscar Alvarez
Kristi Ambro
Scott Amidzich (TM '74)
Mark Andersen
Renee and Christopher Anderson
Dale Anderson
Patricia Andrae
Paula and Alexander Andraski (TM '82)
Gina and Mark Andresen
Mary and Kurt Annen (DB '69)
Mark Appenzeller
Matthew Arend (STM '12)
Mary and Steven Arend
Regina Arkens
Bruce Arnold
Andy Ashley
Karen (SMA '66) and James Ashley (DB '64)
Astronautics Corporation of America
Rachel Polewski Aten (TM '05)
Jesse and Meghan Busatetri Augustine (TM '00)
Juan Avalos, Jr. (TM '94)
Lisa and Gregory Baker (TM '82)
Steven Baker (TM '81)
Arthur Baldewicz (DB '54)
Christopher Bale
Jacque Bares
Beth and James Barrette (TM '74)
Donna and John Barrette (TM '81)
Ellen and Peter Barrette (PN '72)
Teresa and Chuck Bartels (DB '62)
Joanne Bartz
Susan and Frederick Bau
Keith Bauer
Corie Becker
Linda and Craig Beczkiewicz (TM '82)
Jonathan Bednarek (TM '03)
Karen and Peter Belair
Jeanette and Michael Benter
Kristin Berard
Paul Beste (TM '74)
Bonita Biba
Jodell and Mark Bichanich
Justine and Brian Bieganski (TM '01)
Mary and Lawrence Binder
Mark Bishop (DB '72)
Debbie and Robert Bishop (TM '80)
Penny and Thomas Bishop (TM '82)
Diana and Jeffrey Biskup (TM '79)
Lee Ann and Richard Bittner (TM '74)
Elizabeth Black Hird (STM '13)
Marcy and Philipp Blaufuss
Richard Boedecker
Brett Boelkow (STM '21)
Randy Boelkow and Michele St. Marie-Boelkow
Christine and Dale Boguszewski (DB '67)
Andy Bolanowski
Donald Bolanowski
Kathleen and Thomas Borowski (TM '79)
Isabelle Branger (STM '17)
Emily Braun
Lauren Braun
Daniel Bremer (TM '03)
Linda and David Breutzmann (TM '75)
Tony Brown
Thea and Joseph Bruce (DB '70)
Evelyn and Edmund Bruckner
Bryant & Stratton College
Barbara and Ted Brzenk (DB '55)
Marjory and Mark Brzeskiewicz (TM '74)
Michael Bubon
Allen Budda
David Budnik (TM '74)
Emily and Joseph Bukowski (STM '11)
William Burns (TM '74)
Timothy and Rebecca Buscher
Chad and Molly Sylvester Bussie (TM '06)
Randy Buttke
Patricia and Scott Butzer
Stephanie Janicki Calarco (TM '97)
Karen Calteux
Katie and Gary Campbell (TM '83)
Cardinal Stritch University, Inc.
Mario Carrillo (TM '03)
Brandon Carstens
Carthage College
Joseph Cattani (TM '05)
Cynthia Charbonneau
Mary and Kenneth Childre (TM '74)
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Nancie and Thomas Chmielewski (TM '74)
Janice and Dr. John Christianson (TM '75)
Roxanne and Jay Ciatti (PN '69)
Deborah and David Ciepluch
Marie and David Cimpl (DB '70)
Julie and Dean Cimpl (TM '74)
Coach's Pub 'N' Grill
Rebecca and Michael Coello (TM '88)
Community Bark Dog Wash & Groom
Suzanne and Raul Correa, Jr.
Blake Correll (STM '12)
Mary and James Cox (SF '55)
Robert Crisp (DB '65)
Catherine Lowe Crivello (TM '04)
Mario Crivello (TM '03)
Jeanne and Raymond Cyganiak (DB '66)
Julie and Alan Czajka
Mary Beth and Carl Czajka
Jacob and Kristen Czajka Zajdel (TM '03)
Lynn and Robert Damon
Catherine and Chris Darrow (TM '74)
Robert Decker
Michele and Keith Degner (TM '82)
Francie and Jonathan Dekker (TM '01)
Barbara and Norman Dekker
The Dentists South Shore
Richard Depka (DB '61)
Cheryl and Robert Depratt (DB '68)
Jane and Jeffrey Dereszynski (TM '77)
Jill and Thaddeus Derynda (DB '65)
Michael and Laura DeStefanis
Jennifer and Peter Deubler
Laura and Kevin Doan (TM '77)
Amy and James Dodge (TM '75)
Anne and Philip Donovan (PN '72)
Kathleen and Robert Donovan (TM '75)
Lynn and Marty Dooley
Roger Dudek
Patrick and Mary Duffy (SMA '79)
Donna and Timothy Dugan (TM '85)
Charles DuPont
Durable Controls
Barbara Durkin
Erin and Robert Eaton
Donna and Michael Esser (TM '77)
Diana and Mark Eul (TM '75)
Mindy Ours-Evans and Robert Evans
Benjamin and Sarah Veierstahler Evrard (TM '96)
Emmett and Katelyn Krueger Farrar (TM '03)
Matthew Felerski (TM '79)
Steve and Maureen Fenno (SMA '62)
Sally and Paul Filak (TM '74)
Dolores and Russell Flayter (DB '58)
Jacek and Magdalena Flejsierowicz
Marianne Fleming
John Fons
Jennifer and Raymond Foyer
Matthew Francel (STM '17)
Julie Freimuth
Alina Frias
Maria Frías
Natasha and Michael Fricke
Michael and Cynthia Frisch
Joseph Frohna
Rick Fronberry
Kelly and Thomas Gaglione (DB '70)
Thomas Galati
Erin and Steve Gallam (TM '03)
Joan and John Gannon (DB '64)
Angela Gant
Melissa and Jose Garcia
JoAnn and Brian Gates
GE Foundation
Cindy and Kenneth Gear (TM '74)
Jason Gehler
Joseph Gengler
Geralyn and Glenn Gerschke
Linda Gesbeck
James Gilboy
Kristin Gillespie (TM '03)
Robert Gilman
Michael and Christine Givens
Sharon and Thomas Glembocki (TM '74)
Michele and Jeffrey Goller
Kathy and Dr. Thaddeus Golos (TM '74)
Dave Gomez
Moises Gomez (TM '04)
Linda and Greg Gonia
Sharon and Daniel Goodmann (DB '64)
Henry Gorecki (TM '78)
Dale Grabarczyk (PN '70)
Michael Grabowski (TM '80)
Sara and Kenneth Grassl (PN '70)
Marcie and Christopher Greenberg (TM '89)
Shannon and Jon Greenberg
Doris and Ray Greenberg
Ben Greuel
Duane Greuel
Marissa Greuel Hainstock
Ellen and Kenneth Griesemer (DB '63)
Kathy and Steve Grzendzielewski, Jr. (TM '74)
Donna and Gary Grzesk (DB '68)
Christine Grzeszkiewicz and Keith Swenson (TM '95)
Cynthia and David Guss (DB '72)
Joseph Guszkowski
Patricia Guszkowski
Claudia Gutierrez
Beth Guzenda
Naomi Guzman
Corinne and Paul Haas (DB '54)
Gene Haas Foundation
Noah Wittig (STM '14) and Rachel Halase (STM '14)
The Hale House
Morgan Halwas (STM '12)
Tracy and Thomas Handziak
Deborah and Donald Hannes
Cathy and Corne Hanssen
Margaret and Leon Harris
Mark and Patricia Hasek
Mike Hassforth
Lynn and Donald Hauser
Dennis Hawtin
Derek Hein (STM '12)
Lisa and Roger Hein
Richard Hellstrom (TM '74)
Michael Helmers
Jackie and Peter Hemmer
James Hempel (DB '62)
Korina Hendricks Henningsen (STM '13)
Joshua Hennlich (TM '03)
Rev. Jerome Herda
Nicholas Hernandez (STM '12)
Dawn and Dennis Hessil (TM '74)
Anne Heyrman
Suzanne and Stephen Hibbard
Dennis Higgins (DB '72)
Jason and Dr. Maria Burzynski Hintzke (TM '03)
Darcy and David Hinz (TM '79)
Scott Hirsch
Valerie Hirsch
Hitters Baseball
Matthew Hoerger
Aleta and Jeffrey Hoffman
Brittany Hohler (STM '10)
Jennifer and Terence Hohner
Kenneth  Hoppe
Sarah Hoeft Huber (TM '97)
Erik and Lindsay Graan Huffman (TM '03)
Leanne Hurzeler
Inter-Organization Council of Bay View
Joshua (TM '99) and Andrea Krimmer Iwen (TM '99)
Mary and Thomas Jablonowski (TM '76)
Andrew and Mary Nowak Jacobi (TM '97)
Michael Janiszewski (TM '93)
Kim and James Jankowski (TM '86)
JoAnne and James Janowiak (DB '65)
Marcia and Michael Jaskulski (PN '72)
Daniel and Mary Ullenberg Jason
Kathleen and Patrick Jeanes (TM '74)
Bryon Jende (TM '01)
Brandon Johnson
Mary and Thomas Johnson
Sandra and Thomas Jonas
Luanne and Mark Joutras
Kathleen and Jerome Judziewicz (DB '67)
Karen and Michael Juneau (TM '74)
Lisa and Jay Jung
James Kaczmarek (TM '74)
Patricia and Jeffrey Kaczmarek (TM '74)
Eloisa and Michael Kafka (TM '82)
Judith Kaiser
Kathleen and Robert Kaiser
Lynn  Kalamarz
Diane and Nicholas Karabon
Kelly and Brian Karolewicz
Trudi Schmitt and Allan Kasprzak (DB '65)
Gladys and Peter Katzfey (DB '64)
Kathleen and Steven Kazik (TM '76)
Kenneth Keltner (TM '85)
Kathy and Mark Kemmeter
Collette and James Kendzierski
Kennedy Middle School Sunshine
Tamara and Nicholas Kent
Christa Pugel Kerber (TM '97)
Margaret and Steven Kidder
Dorothy and Robert King
Marguerite and Dr. Michael Kitzke (PN '69)
The Very Rev. Timothy Kitzke
David Klass (TM '73)
Amy Klebenow
Joseph Klinkiewicz (TM '77)
Donnamae and Raymond Klug (TM '74)
Christine and Rick Kluth
Andrew and Lindsay Wall Knippel (TM '03)
Patrick Kochanski
Larisa and Matthew Knorr
Henry Koc
William Koehler (TM '88)
William Koehler (TM '89)
Deborah Koenig
Jessica and Jason Kois
Lisa Anne and Paul Kojis
Elizabeth and Daniel Kolb
Carrie Kollatz
Anthony Kotecki (STM '16)
Kotze Construction Co., Inc.
Lauren Kowalski (STM '12)
Linda and Peter Kowalski (TM '88)
Lori and Daniel Krenke
James Kreuter (TM '74)
Jennifer Krueger
Neil Krukar (DB '68)
Deanna and Brian Krysiak (TM '98)
Cheryl and Dr. Michael Krzewinski (DB '63)
Sharon and John Kubczak (TM '74)
Richard and Carrie Kudronowicz
Margaret Kuehne
Jared Kunicki (TM '03)
Andrew Kurzynski (STM '14)
Rachel Kuspa (STM '20)
Patricia and John Kwiecinski (TM '77)
Jay Labecki (TM '82)
Kathleen and Dr. Russell Laczniak (TM '74)
Ryan Laessig (TM '04)
Isaac Lalko (STM '14)
Tricia Landry (TM '92)
Richard Lang (TM '03)
Rudolf Langenbach
Bernadyne and Glenn Langer
Susan Lappen
Matt and Karl Larson (TM '03)
John Laundrie
Jeffrey and Merissa Bartell Lauzon (TM '04)
Shardae LaVigne-Arnold (TM '04)
The Law Offices of Steven R. McDonald, LLC
Julie  Lechman
Remy Lee
Carrie Lelo
Gayle and Matthew Lemens (TM '86)
Markus (STM '12) and Katie Gebhard Lenz (STM '13)
John Lerose
Ashley Lewandowski (TM '03)
Michael Lieber
Jill and Matt Lininger
Sandra and Joseph Link (TM '74)
Melannie and James Litscher (TM '06)
Joshua Litscher (STM '15)
Richard (TM '97) and Emily Pokorny Lopez (TM '97)
Melody and Michael Lorge
Jeff and Dainna Rose Lowrance (TM '03)
Francis Lubinski (TM '89)
Todd Lubinski (TM '74)
James Luckey
Barbara and Thomas Ludka (PN '70)
Brian Lussier (TM '97)
Debora and Thomas Lynch
$1 - $499 (continued)
David Maciejewski (TM '86)
Timothy Maher (TM '74)
Michael Maierle (TM '77)
David and Sheri Hauser Makkos (TM '96)
Audrey and John Makowski (DB '72)
Gregory (TM '94) and Jodi Mallum (TM '96)
Michael and Constance Manke
Mary Manning
Marbish Enterprises, Inc
Melony and Michael Marciniak (TM '77)
Dr. Cecilia Margraff (STM '11)
Susan and Glenn Margraff, Sr.
Glenn Margraff, Jr. (STM '12)
Derek Marie
Gaynell and Joseph Markowski (DB '57)
John Marshall
Mary Ann Marshall
Lawrence Martin
Denise and Scott Martin (TM '85)
Carol and William May (TM '74)
Gail Mayer-Kroll
June and Arthur Maze
William Maze (TM '85)
Timothy McCormick (TM '74)
Kathryn and Thomas McDermott
Edward McGuinnis (STM '23)
Carol and Gerald McLellan (DB '50)
Ashley and Brian McManus (TM '94)
Amie Meleski
Nancy and Thomas Mellonig (DB '61)
Donna Kleczka Melzer
Connie and Timothy Mendal (TM '73)
Mary Beth and Martin Mersch
Dolores and Thomas Michael (DB '54)
Daniel Michalek (SF '57)
Carol and Frederick Michalek (DB '61)
Thomas Michals (DB '61)
Dana and Dr. Thomas Mierzwa (DB '57)
Karen and Robert Mietus (DB '57)
Robert Mihm (TM '74)
Julie and Michael Mikula (TM '84)
Douglas Miller
Sue and Michael Miller
Milwaukee Makers Market
Michael and Laura Weber Mirenda (TM '01)
Louis Missurelli (STM '12)
Katherine and Mark Missurelli
DJ Mlachnik
Jen Molchany
Denise and Paul Molling (TM '75)
Megan and Pat Mooney
Brian and Jacqueline Moore
Diane and Hugh Morgan
Mitch Moser
Joseph Mozina
Kyla and Steve Mrazek
Pamela and Gregory Mross (TM '78)
Nancy and Jeffrey Mueller (TM '74)
Kathy and Mark Mulqueen (DB '67)
Dennis and Karen Murawski
Rosemarie Balistreri and Bruce Murphy (PN '69)
Maria Murphy
Spencer Murphy (TM '06)
Kimberly and Timothy Murphy (TM '03)
Elizabeth Baisley (STM '14) and Aubin Muszytowski (STM '14)
Michele and David Nagel
Anna and Mark Nagle
Christopher Napieralski and Alison Barchus (TM '03)
National Electrical Contractors Association
National Electrical Contractors Association
James Neuens (TM '74)
Neutral Ground Academy
Sonia and Phillip Newmark
Jeanne and Mark Nicholson (DB '70)
Nicholson Realty
Mark Niemiec (TM '88)
Diane and John Noll (TM '74)
Rose Marie Nowak
Erin O'Connell (TM '03)
Oklahoma Liquor
Dr. Jeffrey M. Oles
Pamela and John Olsen (TM '74)
Lori and Kenneth Olszewski (TM '77)
Orthopedic Institute of Wisconsin
James Osielski (TM '85)
Beth Ours
Kathryn Owen-Grinker (SMA '62)
Sue Paasch
Avy Padilla
Patrick Paolo (TM '74)
Nicki and Michael Parajecki (TM '88)
Dean Paszek (DB '71)
Leonard Pawlak (TM '82)
Cathy Peltier
Reyes Perez (STM '15)
Peter Schwabe, Inc.
Gloria and Anthony Peterson (SF '55)
Robert Petri
Susan and John Pfohl
Cheryl Pike
Pioneer Travel LLC
Daniel Piotrowski (TM '83)
Lawrence Pitrof
Doug Podzilni
Rev. Anthony Pogorelc (DB '72)
Karen and James Pogorelc (TM '77)
Eric Pohl (DB '71)
Michael Polewski (TM '03)
PPG Retirement Plan Services, Ltd.
Kelly Prawdzik
Steve Prawdzik
Michael Prebilic
Dale Prentice
David Pruhs
Lisa and James Pruszka (TM '74)
Theresa and Jeffrey Pucylowski (TM '78)
Margaret and Bryon Pulkownik
Dr. Jeffrey G. Putney, DDS
Katlyn Putney (STM '10)
Nancy Putz
Jason and Sheri Weiss Qualmann (TM '96)
Dan Quesnell
John Quirk
Kathleen and Michael Quirk (DB '64)
Cheryl and William Radomski (TM '74)
Elizabeth and John Radoszewski (DB '67)
Richard Rainer (DB '67)
Kathleen and Mark Ramus
Michelle and Paul Ramus (TM '94)
Beth and Ryan Ratajewski (TM '99)
Lori and Brian Rathmann
Jessica and Brent Ratter (TM '03)
Lisa and Darren Rauls
Robert Raymond
Jean Rehse
Karen and Scott Reichert (TM '75)
Julie and Andrew Reikowski (TM '81)
James Remm (TM '97)
Clare Reszel (STM '09)
Ryan Reszel (TM '04)
DeAnna and Benedict Rezutek (TM '93)
Carol Richards
Michelle and Chad Richards (TM '91)
Rodney and Jodi Rinzel
Roaring Fork Restaurant Group
Markaylyn Robinson (STM '19)
Amy and Mario Rodriguez
Brian and Vivian Roe
Richard and Dr. Beth Roeder
Kelly and Karl Rohrbach
Kelly Winegarden Romel
Patricia Bishop Rondinelli Berg
Ann and Robert Roob (TM '86)
Roofers Mart of Wisconsin
Briana Rose (STM '16)
David Ross (TM '87)
Clare and Kehl Rothermel
Alice and Mark Rouleau (DB '64)
Patricia and Kenneth Rozek (DB '64)
Jackie and John Rozga (TM '78)
Melissa and Todd Rudolph
Thomas Runnells
Susan and Mark Rusch
Kevin Russell
Robert Rutkowski (DB '67)
Elizabeth and John Sabinash (TM '80)
Jim and Nancy Miller Sadowski (SMA '74)
Safe Sport Zone LLC
Paul Sagan (TM '81)
Josephine Sajdak
Cynthia and Jeffrey Salisbury
Jesus and Laura Ramus Sanchez (TM '02)
Brandon Sanger
SC Johnson Fund, Inc.
Erin and Aaron Scanlan
Tricia and Scott Scardino
Amanda Schabowski (TM '04)
Brian Scheive (TM '94)
Scott Schenke
Jodi and William Scheske
Diane Schleck
Gary Schlicht (PN '69)
Richard Schmidt
Andy and Rachelle Just Schneider (TM '03)
Alexander Schott (STM '13)
Jennifer and Joseph Schubert (TM '74)
Michael Schubring (STM '17)
Renee Schulenburg
Melissa and Jon Schultz
Timothy Schultz
Catherine and Dennis Schulz (TM '74)
Patricia and William Schulz
Grace and Glen Schumacher (PN '72)
Steve Schutz (TM '74)
Lukas Schwenke (STM '21)
Anita and Kenneth Seitz (TM '74)
Karen and Emery Seiy (TM '74)
Daniel Selan (TM '91)
Alan Seneczko
Patricia and David Shapiro (PN '71)
Shea Electric
Benjamin and Paige Sheehan
Monica Shipley
Karen and Michael Shreve (TM '74)
Gregory Shulta
John Skalecki (TM '74)
Laurie Skeris
Megan and Joel Slawinski (TM '97)
Thomas Smagalski
Judith and Brian Smith
Sharon and Gregory Smith
Stacey Smith (TM '99)
Stephanie and Wade Smith
Thomas Smolen (DB '64)
Carol and Gregory Smyczek (TM '74)
Mark Smyczek (TM '78)
Peter Smyczek
Trudi and Michael Sobczak (PN '71)
Laura Sollenberger
Debra Soma
Bethany and Anthony Sommer (TM '03)
South Side Business Club of Milwaukee
Vicki and Daniel Spacek (TM '78)
Jo Ellen and Michael Spacek (TM '75)
Nathan and Melissa Maciolek Spangler (TM '03)
Aaron and Melissa Schmidt Spiering (TM '03)
Michael and Mary Spillane
St. Matthew Catholic School
Gregory Stadler (DB '64)
Sharon and Joseph Staehler (SF '55)
Kaye and Michael Stahr (TM '80)
Joe Stanton
Alexis Starosta (STM '15)
Jonathan Starosta (STM '12)
Paul Stawicki (TM '79)
Jacqueline and Daniel Steffes (TM '03)
Phil Steffes
Rob Steffes
Kathleen Steigauf
Julia and Paul Sterzinger (PN '70)
Jerome and Nancy Strasser
Linda Strike
Patrick Sura
Ryan Sura (TM '04)
Rev. Thomas Suriano (SF '56)
Robert  Svoboda
Jean Switala
Melissa and Joseph Switalski, Jr. (TM '02)
Donna and Ervin Szpek, Jr. (TM '74)
Janet and Randy Szukalski
Mary Beth and Lee Szymborski (TM '74)
T.H. Stemper Co.
Thomas Talmont (TM '82)
Tenuta's Italian Restaurant
Sherry and John Tesensky (TM '74)
Renee Tezak
Lynette and John Thiele (TM '76)
Amy and Mark Thomson
Andy Thorsen
Three Holy Women Congregation
Josh Timblin
Laura and Robert Tobon
Judy Tole (SMA '62)
Karen Tollefson
Jeanne Tomaro (SMA '62)
Melissa and Joel Torgerson
Yazlyn Perez Torres (STM '12)
Leia and Richard Traner (TM '03)
Katy Treba
Patricia and Paul Trempala (DB '57)
Lisa Treul
Anthony Tripoli
Gregg Trojanowski (DB '61)
Catherine and Robert Troyer (TM '73)
Kristen and Timothy Tym (TM '82)
UBS Financial Services
Kim and Michael Ujcich (TM '82)
Louis and Edel Ullenberg
Marcella Pekel Ullenberg
Maureen and Jay Unora
Nicholas Unora (STM '19)
Jenny and Phillip Unti
Michael Uriniuk
Christopher (TM '99) and Sara Behling Vahl (TM '00)
Michael Valente (TM '74)
Janet and Gerald Van Handel (DB '60)
Virginia and Thomas Van Handel (DB '63)
Connie and Thomas Vanderhoef
Christina Rembalski Veling (STM '12)
Christine Verbanac
Joel Vogt
Phil Volz
Mary and Roger Vopal (DB '63)
Travis and Cassandra Hirsch Wagner (STM '08)
Lindsay Tollefson Wagner (TM '99)
Denise and Robert Wagner (TM '79)
Judith and James Walczak (DB '58)
Thomas and Judy Walczak
Dr. Heather M. Walder (TM '03)
Dennis Walton
Susan and Mark Walton (TM '81)
Kathy and Michael Warchol (TM '74)
Shelley and Patrick Ward (TM '74)
Waukee Feet Clinic
Dan Weber
Joel Weber (TM '74)
Sarah Weber (STM '12)
Lisa and John Weiner
Joseph Weiss (TM '98)
Brett and Shannon Fleming Wensink (TM '03)
Megan and Ben Westra
Steve Weyda
Rebecca Ohzourk Willing (TM '02)
Andrew Wilson
Cliff Wilson
Timothy Winslow
Wiske Enterprise LLC
Susan Witon
Carmen Witt
James and Jill Wittig
Paula and Michael Wojciechowski (TM '75)
Paul Wojnowski and Stefanie Cristan (TM '74)
Joshua Wojtyra
Richard and Annemarie Bednarski Wood (TM '97)
Jessica Wreczycki (TM '03)
Cheryl and Russell Wrobel (TM '80)
Stacy and Steve Wucherer
Craig Yager
Danielle and Jay Yakich (TM '74)
James Yarnot (DB '55)
Katheryn Mills Ybarra
Samuel Zajac
Victoria Zalewski-Bruette (STM '16)
Dawn and David Zolecki (TM '80)
Mark Zolecki (TM '82)
Joe Zompa
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