Fine Arts

It is the mission of the Fine Arts Department of St. Thomas More to have an open opportunity for all students to participate in performing arts and/or visual art. We strive to create well-rounded individuals who develop aesthetic and critical thinking skills. Problem-solving and decision-making in these areas help prepare students to meet the demands necessary at the post-secondary level.
It is our goal that students in Fine Arts courses at STM:
  • Actively construct knowledge, rather than passively receive knowledge
  • Pursue understanding, not simply memorize and reproduce knowledge
  • Engage in developing contextualized meanings, not learn isolated facts
  • Develop self-sufficient learners through voice and choice
The ability to think creatively is a valued skill in today’s workforce. Unfortunately, there are many in the workforce today who have not had the opportunity to develop this skill. Although some people are naturally more creative than others, the ability to think creatively, and to be creative, is a skill that can be developed.

During the process of developing creative thinking skills, students need to learn that it is OK to be wrong and sometimes there is no correct answer. According to education expert, Sir Ken Robinson, if students are not prepared to be wrong, they will never come up with anything original.

In the Fine Arts Department, students are encouraged to try out multiple solutions to a given problem. Students are also encouraged to learn the discipline of trying things over and over, making decisions, and building on previously learned skills and knowledge. The Fine Arts Department works hard at developing the whole student, using strategies that develop both sides of the brain.
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