Alumni Hall of Fame

2023 Alumni Hall of Fame Induction

Saturday, September 23

11:00 a.m.

St. Thomas More High School will induct six esteemed members of the school community -- Frank Crivello (PN '70), Tricia Landry (TM '92), George Reul (DB '54), Matt Smyczek (TM '75), Michael Turck (DB '67), and Scott Yauck (TM '82) -- into the school's Alumni Hall of Fame.
The St. Thomas More Alumni Hall of Fame is a collection of some of our most accomplished alumni.
From award-winning actors to corporate executives to legendary coaches, the Alumni Hall of Fame recognizes distinguished individuals from all walks of life. While the realms of their accomplishments vary, all of our Hall of Fame members have one thing in common: they embody the spirit and mission of St. Thomas More High School. They have lived lives of service to their communities while following the teachings of Jesus Christ.

2023 Inductees

Frank Crivello (PN '70) 

Tricia Landry (TM '92) 

Dr. George Reul (DB '54) 

Matt Smyczek (TM '75) 

Michael Turck (DB '67)

Scott Yauck (TM '82)

Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees

St. Thomas More is a Catholic, coeducational high school that inspires students to embrace the values of our Patron Saint by becoming men and women for all seasons. Rooted in Christ and the Catholic tradition, the school community embodies the principles of Christian discipleship, service to others, and academic excellence.

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